Title SHot® "SPOON"


The Title SHot Spoon is a great search lure, designed to cover water quickly. With zero line twist the Title SHot Spoon will not roll over when dressed with a trailer or skirt.

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The World’s Most Versatile Spoon!

The Title SHot Spoon is the most deadly, versatile spoon ever designed for fishing heavy cover or open water. The Title SHot Spoon’s patented Retainer/Guard System allows you to fish totally weedless and snagless. Use with any soft plastic lure to imitate the preferred forage base including frogs, minnows, crawdads and grub type baits. The Title SHot Spoon’s performance is far superior to most weedless spoons due to its versatility in rigging and retrieval speed.

Great for casting, jigging or trolling. It casts like a rocket and has super action at any retreival speed. The attached top blade adds etra flash and sounds to provoke viscious strikes. Rigged plastics stay put with our patented Retainer/Guard System but release on hook-set allowing the full hook bite to come into play. Your hook-up percentage greatly increases.

Our custom Mustad Ultra Point 3X forged hook is extremely sharp and is riveted to the brass blade for maximum hook strength. (Others use heavier soldered hooks that weaken during the heat and plating process dulls the point).

Packaged with color coordinated skirt & two grub trailers

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Black, Blue/Chart, Chartreuse, Fire, Gold, Gold/Orange, Red/White, Silver, White


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