Title SHot® "SHORTY"


The Title SHot “Shorty” Jig’s bullet-style modified stand-up jig head design is virtually weedless.

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The patented Title SHot “Shorty” Jig offers significant technological advancement in versatility and overall performance.

The heart of the Title SHot “Shorty” Jig is the patented collapsible Retainer/Guard system. With pressure applied the Retainer/Guard collapses allowing the jig’s Mustad Ultra Point wide gap hook to come into play for higher hook-up ratios. Top rigged soft plastic lures stay put but release on the hook set without destroying them.

For The Bass Fisherman

Title SHot® “Shorty” Jig is designed for the presentation of smaller plastics including Spider grubs & Crawfish. Available in 5 natural colors, this is the ultimate finesse bass jig.

For The Walleye Fisherman

Title SHot® “Shorty” Jig is designed for plastics and live bait presentations. Available in 5 HOT 2-Tone walleye catching colors

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1/4 – 2/0, 1/4 – 2/0 Red, 1/8 – 2/0, 1/8 – 2/0 Red, 3/8 – 2/0, 3/8 – 2/0 Red


Black Lazer 017, Black/Orange 004, Brown Lazer 018, Green/Chartreuse 001, Green/Glow 002, Melon Lazer 016, Orange/Chartreuse 000, Pink/White 003, White Lazer 015, Wild Grape 037