Title SHot® "SHAKY" Jig


Shaky-head fishing has become a popular technique on the tournament trail.

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Title SHot® “Shaky” Jig

The World’s Best Plasic Lure Jig!

Shaky-head fishing has become a popular technique on the tournament trail. The problem with most shaky-head designs is that they require an increase in hook size as the weight (head size) increases to maintain the same gap. The largest hook overpowers your finesse presentation.

A fixed keeper also decreases the hook gap.

The patented Title SHot “Shaky” Jig offers significant technological advancement in versatility and overall performance. The heart of the Title SHot “Shaky” Jig is the patented collapsible Retainer/Guard system. With pressure applied the Retainer/Guard collapses allowing the jig’s Mustad Ultra Point wide gap hook to come into play for higher hook-up ratios. Top rigged soft plastic lures stay put but release on the hook set without destroying them.

Our Title SHot “Shaky” Jig utilizes a custom made Mustad Ultra Point hook with its strong, forged 2/0 light-wire with a 90 degree bend. The balanced, low centered, weighted head design drops straight to intended target, stands up and drags bottom. The turned (flat) eye is positioned forward to tight to the jighead, this means less snagging. It will finagle its way through a variety of cover and/or structure, while still gliding through grass with ease. It also eliminates the knot on the eyelet from advancing forward for maximum jig action. You get the best characteristics of a 90 degree and 60 degree eyelet!


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