SS Minnow Saltwater Jig


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The New “SS Minnow” has all the features for the perfect Swimbait jig!

The SS Minnow Jig design features include:

• Realistic Shape with large 3-D molded eyes

• Realistic/Durable chip resistant life-like finish

• Keel Shape for true running baits / no roll over

• Stand-up design

• Unique dual line-tie gives the option to choose the desired action or presentation as needed. Use the top line-tie eyelet for vertical jigging and aggressive vibrating swimming action. Use the nose line-tie eyelet for a more subtle swimming/ towing action and for casting around weeds.

SS Minnow is equipped with a double wire-barb keeper system for extra Swimbait lure holding power.

The removable Spin Blade features a ball bearing swivel that is corrosion resistant. The Blade adds flash and vibration to draw fish in from a wide range. Remove the Blade for less aggressive action or for tying a stinger hook for short biters.

The Premium Mustad Ultra Point Hooks come in 3 sizes and 2 wire diameters. The Long thin wire Shank – Wide Gap hook is designed to handle a variety of Swimbait/Plastic lures available. This is the ultimate in Swimbait Presentations!

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Chartreuse 033, Fire Tiger 012, Golden Shiner 045, Pearl 054, Red 048, Shiner 007, Smelt 055


1/2 – 5/0 2X, 1/4 – 3/0 2X, 3/8 – 4/0 2X