Nuckle Ball® Jitt-R Jig


The Nuckle Ball® Jig is superior over other jig designs and is the industry’s most advanced jig design, compatible with any presentation.

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Nuckle Ball® “Jitt-R” Jig

The Nuckle Ball “Jitt-R” Jig combines the Nuckle Ball Jig with a highly reflective blade and features super sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook. Unbelievable flash/vibration action draws fish in from a wide radius to provoke vicious reaction strikes. Multiple rigging options including weedless rigging with soft plastics, and live bait. The Nuckle Ball “Jitt-R” Jig provides irresistible swimming action at any retrieval speed, but the slower you fish it the better.

Available in 7 highly reflective metallic colors.

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DB Blue 025, DB Chartreuse 027, DB Gold 008, DB Orange 029, DB Purple 028, DB Red 026, DB Silver 007


1/16 – #2, 1/4 – 1/0, 1/8 – #2, 3/8 – 1/0